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23, Gemini, Los Santos
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Lovely girl

-Tommy You are wonderful and beautiful

-Always Xoxo - Tommy always ???????????????????? Cherry Blossom

- Tommy
To hold you over until the real ones show up at your door 

- Tommy Angel Face - You still got it! You are special

Tommy Bouquet of pink roses Cherry Blossom... You're Welcome my Cherry Blossom
Bouquet of pink roses Bouquet of pink roses Bouquet of Roses Thinking of you :) Bouquet of pink roses
Bouquet of Roses Bouquet of pink roses Bouquet of pink roses Bouquet of Roses my heart You deserve to ride in elite style my Queen

Luxury cigarettes Diamond ring Gladiator slims cigarettes Queen crown Lipstick Сhampagne
Bear Cosmopolitan cocktail Bouquet of pink roses Happy Valentines Day Angel Face Baby Girl
-Tommy Pink and beautiful... thinking of you

- Tommy Mmmmmmmmm,, love your video bby girl ;D

Great visit angel face bby girl... 

- Tommy Too many of these last night Angel... but thank you for the visit 
-Tommy Thats My Girl *sighs* Angel Face... you are so beautiful AF

- Tommy
You are special

-Tommy My Queen... Always
- Tommy Beautiful girls, all over the world... they've got nothing on you baby ^^
-Tommy Angel Moy

Always You are my Angel Face... lot's of love.

- Tommy Hi Beautiful...
Heart Happy New Year Angel Face
My best girl, always
-Tommy Happy Holidays beautiful ????????????
-Tommy Hmmm... How many Bonga girls do you suppose have 100 gifts? On the 10th day of Christmas Angel Face ^^ on the 9th day.. 9 ladies dancing. Something I think we would both enjoy ;) On the 8th day of Christmas...8 maids a milking? Did you ever read the lyrics to this song?
On the 6th day of Christmas... 6 geese a laying? This is the closest thing to a goose they have... Lipstick on the 5th day of Christmas... 5 golden rings ^^

-Tommy On the 4th day of Christmas it should be 4 calling birds... we had to do a puppy ???? 

-Tommy Bonga doesn't have 3 French hens ... so you get a kitten ???? on the 3rd day .... Hi Angel Face :) on the 2nd day of ...
On the 1st day of Christmas... they don't have a partridge so... Stay warm! Always I need you for the next... 10,000 years... OK?

- Tommy... one lifetime would never be enough my heart

- Tommy 14 more to go... and a promise - 100 here we come
Hi Angel Face ^^ Hi Will we hit 100? Best wishes, I will always remember the cherry blossom from Russia

-Tommy You are special... inside and out

- Tommy Once a Queen... always a Queen

That's my girl ^^ a small statue for now... someday, beautiful girl Special girl ???? Lots of love to my Angel face ????????

Big bear hugs
-Tommy What a face ^^

-Tommy A Queen deserves to be showered in jewels

- Tommy
Thank You Best girl ever!

- Tommy My best girl, my love ????????????????????????

-Tommy you are a most wonderful beauty, gorgeous and lovely... what an angel

- Tommy Cheers I've never wanted another woman as much as I want you

Hi Angel ;)

-Tommy A kitten to keep you company Angel

- Tommy My Queen

- Tommy You are always, always on my mind...

Tommy Goddess of the Ocean

-Tommy Have a wonderful journey my Angel.  Know that I am always here for you.

- Tommy
I had a good time as always

Spasibo Angel

-Tommy You are the loveliest of them all... 

- Tommy My Sweet Angel, 100% Baby Girl... 

-Tommy You said you were hungry 8P Forever my Alien Queen

-Tommy ❤️???? Having a wonderful day remembering a fantastic night with my Angel

Light of my life, fire in my loins...

-Tommy Always,

- Tommy Angel Moy 

-Tommy My promise to you Angel... I will keep tipping until we can visit again.

Tommy You are my Queen

Tommy Left you some pics on my members page Angel...

You are making me crazy on Holiday... Miss you

- Tommy
Sleep well Angel... 

- Tommy To a true beauty... who is magical and unique... my Unicorn.

Tommy The loveliest of them all... For my Angel

Tommy Live baby... love your life.

- Tommy My best girl, my heart...

- Tommy
My Angel... you are amazing and wonderful.

-Tommy Bouquet of pink roses Always My best girl... 

- Tommy Beer Bottle of wine
Cherry Cola and Rum on me Angel... Have the best day on your trip. 

- Tommy Sport car Bentley continental Royal dog Private jet Have a drink on me on your balcony and enjoy the sunset Angel

It was lovely seeing you again

- Tommy
To your happiness Angel

- Tommy GiGi says hi...

- Tommy So much fun yesterday Angel 


Tommy What a wonderful and beautiful girl... Thank you

- Tommy a puppy fit for a queen Pink for my sweet Goddess... and her pink treasures.

You're still my Queen

- Tommy *Hugs*

-Tommy I just want you to have a great day Angel... Caffein up and go succeed!

- Tommy For me, you will always be my Angel...

-Tommy A promise you can claim forever my Angel...


PS: Enjoy Your travels, live... 100% Angel... the most lovely baby girl. Seeing you is like seeing an ocean sunrise.

Red, Red, Red, ... you were so lovely tonight Angel. 


-Tommy You deserve the finest things in life Cherry Blossom... a yacht, for when your not flying or driving... much love,   respect and appreciation.

- Tommy Thanks for an amazing night Cherry... going to drink this wine off your tummy next time we visit.

-Tommy Zdorovo, Smile Angel... You are wonderful!

- Tommy I'm thinking of you always my Angel. Hope to see you soon... When I am with you... I am flying so high my Angel.  Spasibo!

- Tommy
Red Red Red Angel... None are as lovely as you Russian baby doll ^

- Tommy My best girl has to ride in style... And I would love to be your driver
-Tommy Here is an award for being the most sexy woman in the universe... 

Much Love,
Tommy Candy lips and bubble gum tongue...
-Tommy You will always be my Queen...

- Tommy Something sweet for my best girl... 


Putting this on ice for next time Angel... 

- Tommy I hope this bear makes you smile Cherry Blossom

- Much Love, Tommy Thinking of you

- Two Olive Something sweet... for my lovely Cherry Blossom.

- Two Olive Tommy - With Love, Two Olive Had a few drinks and thought I would buy you one Cherry... 

- Two Olive Tommy
To my Cherry Blossom, with Love - Two Olive Tommy

Important details of -swaglord-

Sexual PreferenceBisexual
Height5'7" - 5'9" [170cm - 175cm]
Weight100 - 120 lbs [46 - 55 kg]
LanguagesRussian, English
Los Santos
Pubic HairShaved
What makes me horny
playin' w myself for u in a prvt
About me
russian girl with tattoos
What turns me off
no freeloaders pls

What We do on webcam

Working hours of -swaglord-
Monday 1:00 AM – 6:00 AM
Tuesday 1:00 AM – 6:00 AM
Wednesday 1:00 AM – 6:00 AM
Thursday 1:00 AM – 6:00 AM
Friday 1:00 AM – 6:00 AM
Saturday 1:00 AM – 6:00 AM
Sunday 1:00 AM – 6:00 AM


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The swaggest swaggy swag girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤙
Much love and Respect 🙃💫☄️😇💘
You are very beautiful exciting and sexy women
Деловая колбаса, пиши заранее когда будешь, а не когда ушла.... Занятая ты наша
Wonderful, beautiful girl 🌴🦋🌹☀️🌊💃🏻
كس مكسكس
Здесь могла быть ваша реклама :)
здесь был я
Two-Olive was here 💰🤑
Умничка! Красива и легка в общении - таких реально очень мало.
Кстати тайландский БАТ стоит 2.20р то есть 1000 батов это 2200 - не слабо подарила добрая туристка Акума!!))) Не как я около 500р считал...